Woof Woof Stays at the Crockett Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

Woof Woof is constantly on the hunt for smells and views he hasn’t seen or sniffed. So staying in a place that’s over a 100 hundred years old and across the street from the Alamo gave him the experience he longed for in Texas.   But it was hot. It was so helpful that the […]

Woof Woof Flies WestJet

When Woof Woof flies in a carrier, it’s honestly not his favorite thing. But overtime as much as he travels, he’s gotten used to it. When he gets upset for a moment, I reach my hand in and pet him. Recently, I’ve added giving him Canadian bacon training treats. He reacts to the Canadian Bacon […]

Woof Woof Takes the C & J Bus from New York to Portsmouth, NH

I have several fears in life. One of the biggest ones: driving in Boston. Woof Woof had to meet with his marketing manager, Jane Harrell, in Portland, ME on Easter weekend. Plane and train prices were not great. If we wanted to rent a car, the prices weren’t much better. After doing a bit of […]

Woof Woof Stays at the Westin in Portland, ME

Woof Woof had his first visit to a Westin when he was 7 weeks old. He was on his trip home to New York from Texas, doing his first travel article his dog parent, me, for Costco Connection. Now, Woof Woof’s two and this is photo on the same bed. You can click here to […]

How to Get an International Health Certificate for Your Dog

In our Woof Woof Travels episode on Finland, we were’t kidding when we said it took several visits to the vet before Woof Woof qualified to travel to Finland – or nearly any European country. But you can drop your number of visits to with these tips: 1. Speed up International Health Certificate Approval by […]